Blue Fig is a strategy consultancy specializing in business accelerators, customer insights, and design sprints.

We help you find unexpected ways to delight your customers, explore innovative technologies to make your company more competitive, and create a clear path to revenue for new product offerings. 

customer insights

  1. Research & Need Finding: ethnographic interviews, observations, surveys
  2. Personas & Journey Maps: customer segments and needs
  3. Experience Design: from concept development and prototyping to full business design


  1. Hands-on Workshops custom-designed for each client
  2. Bootcamps & Design Sprints focused on building internal innovation capacity
  3. Long-format Accelerator programs for early-stage ideas and seed investments (face-to-face and online)

strategy + culture 

We engage and work with leaders to build environments for innovation and innovators through cutting-edge education programs that focus on Design Thinking and Lean principles to ensure evidence-based entrepreneurship and product innovation rooted in customer needs.

    Our Process



    Get out of the building and meet the people we’re designing for, interview and observe them in their context, and seek out a broad and thorough understanding of the problem and how it relates to the mission, strategy, and culture of our client organizations. 


    Immerse ourselves in the data and insights we’ve gathered and use a variety of frameworks and methods to uncover insights.  This process results in a detailed, yet clearly stated, point of view for each customer segment we’re designing for.  


    Use the points of view we’ve developed as springboards to coming up with new ideas.  This step ensures that design ideas are rooted in user points of view. 

    Prototype, Test, Iterate

    Create prototypes (mock-ups/comps/storyboards/videos) of our design ideas. Take our prototypes to users and ask for feedback. Iterate on the prototype and create a high resolution version of the winning solution.


    Deliver actionable, customer-focused, and viable solutions with a clear ROI and a validated business model, that can be adopted by organizations.

    In the work that we do for our clients, our goals are always to ensure that we deliver on our promise to:

    1. Pursue immersive research to uncover latent, unexpressed, and emergent customer needs
    2. Use a human-centered design process to anchor multidisciplinary teamwork
    3. Apply rapid prototyping, feedback, and iteration in our process workflow
    4. Create an environment where all stakeholders feel ownership in the final product
    5. Take risks and use a customer development model to validate business hypotheses